Need manual overriding of altitude while flying waypoints mission

Dear Team,

Problem statement : while using the waypoints functionality. Altitude is fixed while creating the waypoints mission. Due to this whenever an Obstacle is encounter i need to abort mission and crossing the obstacle manually using RC later am resuming the mission which is consuming time and battery.

Expected solution : Need manual overriding of altitude while flying waypoints mission. However manual overriding of speed is available.

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Arun Kumar
SkyBots Drone Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Which drone model are you using?
We could probably allow it for newer DJI drones (the ones that use DJI Fly), but for older DJI drones they use DJI’s waypoint engine which does not allow manual altitude changes.

Thank you for your reply,

i am using DJI P4Pro V2.0 with Dji Go 4 app.

For P4 Pro v2 it can not be done with current waypoint mode as it uses the DJI waypoint engine.