Need for detach from dji account?

Hi all, i wonder if i need to detach my mini 2 from dji account to fly safely witch lichi?

With dji fly app i noticed aircraft is bound to account and locked to rc to cover flyaway.
Without giving litchi my dji account credentials i am able to connect and start motors and ac seems to be ready for take off and fly.

But i am scared of. Should i detach mini 2 from dji account?
Anyway i use the locked rc with litchi there shoud be no problem but this “bound account” stuff makes me precarious.

There is no need to unbind, detach, or undo anything. Also, there is no connection between your DJI and Litchi accounts.

Likewise, there is no connection between the dji account and your drone flights.

No problems on first flight. - Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face: