My Litchi project - The Life of Beans

I was disappointed with DJI’s software because it doesn’t include waypoints then I discovered Litchi!

Here is video project I did last year. There is a 100 acre farm field behind my house. The farmer alternates between corn and beans each year. Last year was beans.

Using Litchi allowed me to program a flight path and fly it each month from May through November to show how things changed from beginning to end. Hope you like it!

The Life of Beans



Love the piano soundtrack as the seasons change. Very evocative and nicely put together. Litchi eliminates all the guesswork from drone flight and makes it a very exact science that is repeatable with utter reliability. Superb job, Mr. Donald Gallian sir, and welcome to the forum where the Litchi dialect is spoken by all.

Thank you for the kind words!

I created the music using ‘Music Maker’ software. I was a fun project!


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Good morning, very nice, but in the end i would have liked to see the harvest, that is the famous beans.

Thank you for the kind words. I would also make several changes if I ever do this type of project again.