My iPad Air 2 Litchi version

I purchased Litchi back around 2019 and used it for a number of Waypoint missions. Since the pandemic I’ve not flown or used Litchi or my P3 Pro drone.

Recently I decided to do some flying, recharged controller and drone batteries, reread manuals etc.

It got me to thinking (since I don’t recall), how do I check my Litchi app version on my iPad or login? Does it automatically stay updated when the app is logged in to Litchi?

Go to Settings (the gear, upper right corner) and scroll down to the the App Version.

It doesnt automatically update.

Its like other apps on your iPad. When you open the App Store and go to your Account, it will show up in the list of apps that have an update available.

@Sam_G, thanks. I must have scanned the Settings screen a half dozen times looking for an app version line and never saw it. My version was no doubt from 2020 at the newest. But I’d already done as you stated for the iPad which was to go to the app store and check for updates. There was an update to 2.15.3, so that’s what I’m on now.

Thanks again, I only have used my iPad for Litchi, DJI Go (very little since Litchi) and ForeFlight…and not so much the past two years.

I’m going to post another question in a new thread maybe you can help me with.