My google account has been disabled by google, can I tranfer my license to my other google play-account?


My google account is disabled possible permanently, but I’m trying to get it back.

I have a LOT of licenses and apps bought from play-store and they are all now gone.

Would it be possible to transfer my license to my other google-account so I could use the app again?

Thank you for your time reading my whine,

I also have a similar issue. I no longer have access to my Google account. Litchi was working just fine until I had to perform a factory reset (I accidently bricked my phone yesterday). So now I will probably have to buy Litchi again, but I can’t do that since I degoogled my phone (quite sometime after the purchase).

A Google search came up with many results for a “Bricked” device, maybe this article will help.

My problem is that i my account is locked by google and they probably won’t open it anymore.

I lost all my google play - purchases (they exceed 1000€), all my login/passwords, my son lost his email as it’s tied as child account to mine, prepaid extra storage (~110€/year) + other annoying things that I have not even noticed all of them yet.

This really really sucks arse. IMO a warning and a limited time suspension would have been somewhat understandable, even though I have not done anything wrong (at least knowingly).

Google just shut down my account and all they told me that my drive has something that violates their TOS. I did not know and have not put such stuff on my drive, but it does not help. They haven’t answered to my appeals past the first one.

So a pro tip: make a separate google account for your drive, and use that only for that.

This is Google’s current answer to your question as I typed it into Google search exactly as you asked it. “Would it be possible to transfer my license to my other google account”

Merging accounts - Google Help

(Merging accounts - Google Account Help)

It isn’t currently possible to merge separate Google Accounts. However, if you’d like to transfer your data from one account to another, this may be done on …

The factory reset unbricked my phone. My problem is that I no longer have access to my Google account, so I no longer have Litchi either. My phone is currently as degoogled as I can get it to be.