My DJI Phantom 3 Professional will not give me a full picture on my tablet

I have not flown my Phantom 3 for awhile and always used the old Litchi App to fly missions and get the camera view. Now, I cannot get the full view. A message comes up that “Unable to validate license. Check to see if a network connection is available”. This is an older Litchi Ap. Never had any issues with it before. It was a free Litchi Ap. Do I need to load a new ap with a fee from Litchi. I use my Samsung tablet and it is recreation flying only.

It is the Litchi Mission Hub that is free, while the Litchi app costs $25 for either the Android version or the Apple IOS version. On the basis of the error message you describe, I am going to hazard a guess that you previously purchased an IOS version of Litchi, but then changed to an Android device for your drone flying, forgetting that the IOS and Android versions of Litchi are NOT interchangeable and must be bought separately.