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Hi everyone… first post and a question as always.

I’m interested in Litchi for a few reasons… one was that i was told you could fly in a straight line (not a planned route) and Yaw at the same time… is this correct when using Litchi with a Mini 2?

The other main question I guess is … is my device going to work with it?

I have a Redmi Note 5 64gb. if it doesn’t work everything else is academic. appreciate your insights please.


I’ve used Litchi on a Moto e6 and a Samsung Tab A, both devices that wouldn’t even open DJI Fly, to operate my Mini 2. Both devices have 64 bit processors.

You can fly in a straight line while controlling yaw by using Return To Home. Fly out to where you want to start from and then change the Homepoint to where you want your straight line destination to be. Hit RTH and you’ll be able to control yaw while the drone does its thing.

And yes, you can also do it in waypoint missions.

An interesting way to complicate your life.

The litchi has a focus mode and a course lock mode for that.

In Focus mode the camera focusses on a POI, so NO free yaw movement.
Course Lock only works with drones that support it natively, so NO Mini, Mini2, MiniSE, Mavic Air2 and Mavic Air 2s.
As you like to say: “Have you red the instructions?”


that is useful information… appreciated

Rth on mini 2 also does not work.

And poi can be moved while flying

No RTH function with Litchi on a Mini 2?

I’m surprised at that… it is a useful failsafe with the DJI Fly app. I like the sound of planned missions but not to have RTH is a bummer… as it is at present anyway…

Thanks for the heads up.

Known Issues in Litchi 4.21.2 on Android:

  • Live video feed does not work on Google Pixel 6 series: we will update as soon as DJI fixes it in the SDK
  • Rare startup crash on Chinese branded devices (Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, etc): known issue in DJI SDK which DJI says will be fixed in the next SDK update. Workaround: create second user space/account on mobile device and install Litchi on that second user space/account
  • In-app RTH bug for Mini 2: a RTH triggered by Litchi directly can sometimes fail due to a bug in DJI SDK. Workaround: use the RTH button on the remote controller as this one always works
  • JPEG+RAW setting cannot be selected for Mini 2 due to a bug in the DJI SDK. Workaround: change the setting in DJI Fly, then Litchi will save in JPEG+RAW
  • Air 2S gimbal position is not reported due to a bug in the DJI Air 2S firmware. We have implemented workarounds so that Litchi’s flight modes will still work for Air 2S, including gimbal movements, however the position of the gimbal will not update on the user interface until DJI issues a firmware update with a fix for this bug
  • Air 2S front LEDs cannot be turned off in flight This is an issue with the DJI Air 2S firmware

Gimbal/camera Pitch is still locked on the POI.

I’m guessing as it is only a few month since the launch of Mini 2 version there will be some glitches before it is considered stable?

Thanks for that. it helps me

Rth on the remote still works.

rth not working in litchi app.

Your best bet is to use waypoint. Specify the flight route and freely rotate the gimbal.

you mean rotate gimbal up or down? Mini 2 cannot move camera in any other direction…

During way points you can rotate and move the gimbal. Use way points to set course and speed.

With these settings you can freely/manually control Yaw & Gimbal Pitch while flying from WP1 to WP2.
Yaw/Heading Mode means rotating the aircraft.
Gimbal Pitch means pointing the camera up/down.


Image result for using Litchi with a Mini 2 Litchi for iOS is not yet compatible with Mini 2, Mini SE and Air 2S as DJI did not release an update for the iOS SDK yet.
As it is available on the Amazon app store for devices that do not support google services. I tried it. This includes devices from brands like Huawei as well as DJI monitors. The DJI RC Pro is not yet compatible. When DJI adds support for the RC Pro in the SDK, we will add support for it in Litchi.

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Mavic Pro Platinum
If I make flightplan with litchi and use curved turns, the camera sometimes does not want to focus after I hit record. If I hit the “green” spot on screen to focus, it does focus, but just after that it return to the blurry mode.
It is set to AF