Multiple POI from one waypoint

I’m trying to set up a waypoint mission to take photos of my garden throughout the season. Is it possible to fly to one waypoint, take a photo of POI1 and then have the drone rotate to POI2 and take a second photo. I’d like to be able to have the drone take up to six photos from the same point. I tried setting up several waypoints at the same latitude and longitude in succession but this fails with an ‘integer’ error which tells me that waypoints have to be a distance apart. Any assistance or guidance will be gratefully received.

Alternately increase & decrease the altitude of these waypoints by 1 meter and it will work.


In addition to what @TriBar pointed out, here is another method you could try:

Litchi was not designed to do exactly what you are trying to do so any solution is going to seem a little bit weird. Two consecutive waypoints cannot be at the same GPS location. However, there is nothing preventing non-consecutive waypoints from being at the same location. Waypoint 1 and Waypoint 3 could be at the same location as long as Waypoint 2 is in a different location.

3-POI Example:

  1. Create three POIs.
  2. Create five waypoints where the first waypoint is where you would like your drone to be positioned when it takes your photos.
  3. Configure waypoint 1 to look at POI1, waypoints 2,3 to look at POI2, waypoints 4,5 to look at POI3.
  4. Copy the GPS coordinates from waypoint 1 to waypoints 3 and 5.
  5. Move waypoints 2 and 4 near but not right on the cluster of waypoints 1, 3, 5.
  6. Configure your camera actions on waypoints 1, 3, 5.

This method, while a bit more complicated, should allow you to take your photos from the exact same position.

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Thank you very much! That appears to work. It’s all loaded and ready to go and now as soon as the weather clears I’ll put it to the actual test!

Thank you for the suggestion. This thought had already occurred to me but as I have more than a few areas to photograph the repetitions would do my head in. If simply adjusting altitude solves my issue I’m going to be a happy camper. Will have a mission set up to photograph my garden on a weekly basis. Then will have something to look at when the snow flies!! Loving the app, the forum and the support!