Multiple KML files for one mission?

I am attempting to run a larger mission that will require different flights.
Unfortunately, the basemap is far too outdated for me to use for this mission so I am importing a flight path using KML importing.

The only problem is I can only seem to import one KML file per mission. If I include multiple areas they are connected into a single flight. Is there a way to either import multiple KML files for one mission or to split it into 2 flights?

If it makes a difference I am using a Phantom 4 Pro V2 and flying with the iOS version of the app.

If you are familiar with Excel, you can Export each mission as a CSV file. Then combine the files using Excel and import the new CSV file back into Litchi.

I tried that and it combined the flights into a single flight. I am trying to have multiple flight areas because it is a rather large area. I am not sure if this is even possible at this point. Thank you for the suggestion though.

Iā€™m unclear what you are asking. My apology.

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