Modified mission on the hub appears as new mission on the iPad

When I create a mission on the Hub and I synchronize it on the iPad it gets the name used when saving it. After modifying the mission on the Hub and re-synchronizing with the iPad it gets the name followed by (2). Is there a possibility to keep the initial name ? This is annoying especially as there is no known way to delete a mission on the iPad and the number of mission grows annoyingly.

What you describe should not be happening. Modifying a mission in the Mission Hub should not result in multiple missions on your iPad. I use an iPad and this does not happen to me. I’m wondering if what you describe might have anything to do with the “Sync Local Missions” option in Litchi Settings on your iPad. I have that option checked.

To delete a mission on your iPad:

  1. Select the folder icon to bring up the “Load Mission” option.
  2. Swipe left on any mission you wish to delete.
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Thank you for the information about deleting a mission on iPad.
About the main issue, I cannot have “Sync Local Mision” as most of my mission are confidential. All my required synchronization are one way: Hub to iPad; in that case when I re-synchronize a mission called M already synchronized will be named M(2) when re-synchronized; of course M is still present but now I know how to delete it, however I don’t know how to rename it easily: the only way that I can think of is to save it with a good name and delete the one with the undesired name. I hope that I made this more clearer.

It’s easy on android. Go to the “missions” folder and edit the files. With your ipad, I don’t know how to do it. But you can use android device :slight_smile: