Mobile switch with Litchi app

good evening, I have purchased the Litchi app and I want to ask what happens if at some point I need to change mobile phones, do I have to buy the app again or can I transfer it to the new mobile phone?

If both phones are the same OS (lets say android) then just instasll it on the new device using the same account and login and all is good, however if you have say an android device then have the misfortune of getting an Ios device then yes you’ll have to fork out and buy it again

I’m talking about devices that have the same Android that is, to understand, the installation will be done through the play store and there I will be asked for the account and login ?

yeah just log in to the play store with the same account and download and install, once installed just log in to your litchi account, and everything should synch up

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What if my ipads were same IOS but I have created different Apple ID acount on my new ipad, is there a way to tranfer my purchased litchi app to my new IOS ipad device which has a new Apple ID account?

Read FAQ #10: