Mobile device mission syncing

Have recently been through my Litchi hub and cleared out a mass of old missions.

However, when I go to my CrystalSky, although it appears to sync with the hub, there is a whole load of old missions still present!

I’ve deleted the app cache and also logged out and back in on the CrystalSky… still the same.

Any suggestions? Many thanks

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In GENERAL settings you could try:
-Sync Local Missions: On/Off
-Check and Sync License

It sounds like the old missions are cached on your CrystalSky even though you’ve deleted them from your Litchi hub. Here are a few suggestions you can try:

  1. Clear CrystalSky cache: While you’ve mentioned deleting the app cache, there might be a specific way to clear the mission cache on CrystalSky. Look for settings related to app data or storage on your CrystalSky and see if there’s an option to clear mission data or cache.
  2. Reinstall CrystalSky app: If clearing the cache doesn’t work, try reinstalling the CrystalSky app. This will remove any residual data that might be causing the issue.
  3. Manually delete missions on CrystalSky: If the above methods don’t work, you might be able to manually delete the old missions from the CrystalSky itself. Look for options within the CrystalSky app to manage or delete missions.
  4. Contact DJI support: If none of these suggestions work, it’s best to reach out to DJI support for further assistance. They might have specific troubleshooting steps for your CrystalSky model or recommend advanced solutions. You can find DJI support on their website or app.