Mixed Video and Pictures in Waypoints doesn't work

Thanks for the update, I gave up that a few years ago, I would like to figure out at sometime.

Rod …

@Ian_Cramman Your solution of running 2 separate missions has been suggested before and seems to be the best solution if you want to have both video and pictures taken. Video is often best shot using Curved Turns whereas Pictures need Straight Line settings.


I agree to have two separate missions.
To me it is a patch, it should be able to that.

Anyways in summery, the video clips would only help him to view better shots that was missed at time.

But that is what it is.

LateRod :ok_hand:


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Here’s what I do, its a route around a property with some different angles. Have been running this mission for a few years now. Had some issues initially with ios, now just use droid. Have flown it with P4Ps, Mavic Pro Plat and Mavic 2 Pro.

In settings:

heading: custom(WDI)
path mode: straight lines
default gimbal: interpolate

set speed etc as appropriate.

for the mission:

create one or more POIs with appropriate elevation.

then for each waypoint:
specify poi: e.g. 1 or some other poi number
Note heading is automatic via the poi
set gimbal pitch: focus poi

for actions:
stop recording
stay for 4 sec
take photo
stay for 4 sec
start recording
stay for 2 sec

Through some experimenting, the 4 sec hold seemed to work and clear up some oddities now and then.

Then go to next waypoint, repeat until done.

I also have a pre ample and post amble wayport that I use for positioning the aircraft/drone to a known starting point in case I move around on the property. Can also be used to point camera to another poi elsewhere so you know the start, finish when looking through a bunch of files, however its optional.

Tip, have your audio on your phone/tablet enabled so you hear litchi say starting recording/stop recording, comes in handy vs. staring at your screen to see if start/stop of video.


@greg_schulz ,
One big advantage that you have with the drones you listed is… they all have on-board waypoint support.
The settings you use are perfect for a mission of video and photos. I’ve not had any problems with my P4Pv2 or Mavic 2 Pro.
Other drones that are VSC (ex: my Air 2S) might or might not get the same good results, since they must maintain the control signal throughout the entire mission.
I agree with your tip about audio. It lets you watch your drone instead of the screen.


You mention something interesting which is those aircraft that dont have full on-board wayport support and possibly less processing power/capabilities. I suspect that with those aircraft putting in a bit longer “wait” e.g. “stay for 4s” or “stay for 2s” might give them the extra time needed to process things. Likewise not sure if flying those at a lower “cruising” speed on a mission would make a difference or not. Im trying to recall if there were any differences when I did a test flight long time ago with the above mission scenario and original Mavic Mini to see how it would work.

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This is some good stuff!

I pretty sure I understand it!

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