Missions list not showing in app

I have an issue with mission list not showing on my iPhone 11 running beta version of iOS 15.6. I’m logged in ok and I’ve checked by connection to my PC and the mission files are all in the Litchi mission folder. Can anyone help?

Report this iOS bug to Apple.

This just happened to me. set up a mission on my ipad and desktop and couldn’t find it on my iphone. After frustration and indignation I figured out that I was not on “Waypoints” on the upper left. Switching to Waypoints immediately sorted this out for my Iphone and there were my missions on my iphone. Hope this helps someone.

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I have an android, latest version of the app, and have the same issue. Any idea?

Try selecting Check and Sync License in the Litchi Settings.

Check and Sync License: Tap to synchronize your Litchi app’s paid license with your Litchi account.

that didn’t do the trick. I had to delete the app and installed it again.