Mission Stopped In RC signal lost ? (Mini 2)

Hi Fellows
I just want to know…

Whats the cause, while flying my DJI MIN 2 from waypoint 1 to waypoint 2 , and then I lost RC signal (because of distance) and the drone just stops the “Mission” and perform the “lost connection” command - hover- RTH - land

Is it real that Mavic Mini 2 Stops Mission if RC disconnected ?

I have also a phantom 4 Obsidian edition and this drone continues the mission EVEN with RC turned off.

Thanks in advance

Yes that’s what happens with Mini2, as it uses virtual stick commands, whereas the phantom stores the mission onboard


Thanks Martin do you Know if mavic Pro series, and zoom series, still store the mission on board ?

¡ Thanks again.

Anything that requires DJI fly, support to fly it out of the box DOES NOT support onboard waypoints, I think most drones prior to DJI fly (those that use DJI Go), do support onboard waypoints