Mission planning - reimport Google Earth to Litchi Mission hub

I am planning a mission with many waypoints that need to be precise. When I plan in Google earth then import into mission hub then bring back to GE to fly the mission, everything is working perfectly. If I want to make changes in GE and reimport back into mission hub, I have to start over with heading, altitude and tilt. It is really time consuming to update all the waypoints in mission hub. I know I can mass edit in the Litchi app on the phone but that is not super easy.

Am I missing something simple?

Is there a way to reimport into mission hub without loosing heading, altitude and tilt?

Is there a way to edit the KML prior to reimporting back into mission hub? When I edit the KML in note pad, I am not sure where to update heading and altitude. When I edit in excel, I am also not clear which fields should be updated.

Any thoughts? Thanks,

When importing KML into Litchi’s Mission Hub, what gets imported depends on whether or not the “Treat Views as Waypoints” checkbox is checked.

When that option is NOT checked, I’m pretty sure that only the pin coordinates get imported. There is no heading or gimbal pitch associated with the pins.

When that option IS checked, headings and gimbal pitch are imported but the pin locations are used as views instead of waypoints.

From your previous posts, I remember that you are using Google Earth Pro because of its ability to use maps from different times and you are only interested in the pin locations (not checking that checkbox). In this case, my suggestion would be to only import from Google Earth to Litchi once. From that point on, use Google Earth to virtually fly but make your mission tweaks in Litchi instead of Google Earth and re-fly the mission in Google Earth until no more tweaking is necessary.

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Hi Wes,

I really appreciate your help. You are right about not selecting the “Treat Views as Waypoints”. That explains why I am missing heading etc.

Can you think of any way to add an overlay to mission hub? That would solve my accuracy problem which would allow me to move waypoints in mission hub based on the overlay information.

Thank you !! Bill

I’m sorry, I cannot think of a way to do that.

If you can get your waypoints close in your initial Google Earth view, shouldn’t you be able to then tweak them slightly in Litchi after seeing the virtual mission?