Mission Planning not showing blue spline


Has anyone else been having issues when mission planning and the blue curve spline not being represented on screen?

I have my default curve settings to 50% and if I apply changes to all waypoints still nothing happens.
The weirdest incident is if I take a point and move it around the curve length bar will adjust automatically but, the length value doesn`t alter and it is still not physically visible.

If I open old projects I can see the line perfectly.

Any ideas?

The idea is to write where it happens in the mission hub or application on ios / android

A well-asked question will contain half the answer.


Things start to disappear on the screen when there is insufficient memory left
in your device to display them.
Try completely shutting down all other apps that you have on your phone.
Or try another phone / tablet.

The blue curve spline is only visible when ‘Path Mode’ is set to ‘Curved Turns’.

That’s because the scale of the bar changes depending on the calculated maximum curve length possible between the 3 involving waypoints. The length of the sliding bar stays the same wether the distance between the waypoints is very large or very small.

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