Mission is on the app but I can't find it on my account to edit

I’ve been flying a construction site mission once a month for about 6 months and there is a slight glitch in my gimbal movement on one of the way points that I want to adjust. I logged into my account but cannot find the mission. It is in the app but not the website. This is the only project that I’ve used Litchi on and don’t have another account. Any suggestions as to where I could find it to make that adjustment? Thanks in advance for any assistance!

Adjust in app. Adjust in app

Thanks @paxxa , I’ll give it a shot. Will post what I find.

The settings in the application are no different from the settings in the mission hub

Where was your mission created? Mission Hub or the Litchi App? If it was created in the Mission Hub, then it should be there unless it was deleted. If it was in the Litchi App, check to make sure “Sync Local Missions” is turned on in settings.

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You must be connected to your Litchi account on all the platforms you are using, the synchronization will be automatic and you will be able to find your missions on the hub or in the application whatever the mobile device used. Be sure to use same account.