Mission Interrupted

Hi All,

This is the first time in many years that I’ve used Litchi so excuse my lack of knowledge.

I’m flying an Air 2S. Got the error message “Mission Interrupted, no drone position update received for too long.”

I had just lost video signal maybe 30 secs before this. I got the error message and it RTH. Usually if it lost signal the drone would still complete the mission, has something changed?

Thanks for any help you can offer.


Hi Hugh, the later DJI drones that use the DJI fly app have no internal memory for the mission to load to and use virtual stick commands, so when they lose signal on a mission they do what ever you’ve set them too do on loss of signal, so hover, land or return to home, this is DJI doing and nothing litchi can do about it

Hi Martin,

Many thanks for the info. It’s really disappointing as it dilutes the usefulness of litchi for me.

Thanks for taking the time to respond.


Just looked up internal memory and it says that the Air 2S has 8 gig of internal memory. Is that not enough or ? Thanks.

That’s not what it’s for, I think it may be for photo and video storage

Thanks again Martin :+1:

Hi Martin,
I would like to know where you got this statement from.
As far as I know the switch to VSC is just a DJI policy to enfore/comply with rules and regulations, just as they do with NFZ and the impossibility to switch from CE to FCC in the EU.


Hello @TriBar, if this is just a programming change to comply with Regulations, then wouldn’t a Hack be an easy way to restore mission capabilities? I haven’t heard anything yet, have you any info?

No, this is not possible for dji fly drones.