Mission incremental verification

It would be good to be able to run missions incrementally to verify each waypoint, camera focal point and local obstacles in slow time before running the mission autonomously.

This is no problem, set the cruising speed and use the “pause” button

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Thanks for that, i had not thought to do it this way. I set a low speed and saved under a new name, fly mission and note any changes to waypoints, yaw and gimble settings and adjust on original.

Use the simulator mode

I am using the simulator mode, however whilst buildings, mountains and the like do not move, trees grow so the spread of a tree and its height are not constant. Google earth does not get updated that often therefore waypoint position and alt above ground may need tweaking to get the effect I am after.

Simulator in litchi to see where the gimbal leans. It will be useful to do this right before flying on the ground.

I have thought about flying the way point mission - but with the camera always pointed at the next way point (so always seeing your line of flight) - to check out obstacle heights before flying with camera focused upon desired poi’s.

This would be helpful if checking out the terrain is not feasible. Have yet to try but in theory, should be able to save a copy of the same flight path - and on that copy, then change the camera foci - I think anyway.

And what is stopping you in your desires, select the settings and fly