Mission hub on smaller screens.

The pop up settings window is even to large for a iPad screen. It would be nice if it could adapt to the screen size.

Yes, that would be nice but if using an iPad you should be running the Litchi app instead. The Mission Hub is designed to run on a desktop system or laptop.

@Andreas_Olsson ,
Are you referring to the settings window in the Litchi app (IOS or Android)?
Or, are you using the Mission Hub in a browser on your iPad?

When you choose a waypoint a settings panel comes up and it’s huge

I need to import from csv on the iPad so I need the mission hub.

iPad is not the best place or the platform that the Mission Hub was designed for.
My suggestion: if you want to do things out in the field, get a laptop and do your mission work on it, then open it on your iPad.

I was afraid of that. If the mission hub was a bit more flexible I wouldn’t need to purchase a laptop.

If you are forced to use Mission Hub on an iPad (csv import would be one reason), you can change the zoom level of a web page like this:

  1. Display the Mission Hub (or any other web page).
  2. To the left of the URL there are two "A"s. Tap on that.
  3. At the top of the popup dialog, press on the smaller “A” to the left to reduce the zoom level. Press again to reduce the zoom even further.

You should now be able to see the entire waypoint popup dialog.

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Thanks, never thought about that.