Mission Hub for survey pix

I’m curious if there is a stand-alone app or add-on that work with Litche to run survey lines by defining the space of lines, grid dimensions and tie lines without having to set waypoint manually. TKS


Search the forums for “mapping” instead of survey. To the best of my knowledge the short answer is “not easily”. Probably one of the most requested features to be added.

And why is it necessary

To conduct an aeromagnetic survey concise grid-following is necessary. Manually setting waypoints is time consuming.

You can draw your grid once and copy it to any map

There are too many drones and they all have different cameras for the litchi programmers to do this.

Yes there is, it’s actually a script I made to convert Mission Planner waypoint missions to Litchi CSV.
Read about it more on mavicpilots: Mission Planner Surveys to Litchi | DJI Mavic, Air & Mini Drone Community

Check my post on this forum: Mapping/survey grid tool - #19 by Yaroslav

Check out its GitHub page with instructions, download, and tutorial: GitHub - YarostheLaunchpadder/MissionPlanner-to-Litchi: Convert Mission Planner (ArduCopter) Waypoint Missions to Litchi CSV Format to execute on DJI Drones


I looked up Aeromagnetic Surveys, interesting.
If I may ask, you suspend (?) a magnetometer from the drone? How large/heavy is it?
Seems like it would have to be fair sized, so requires a pretty large drone?
What is the purpose of doing this?
Just curious about things…


I recommend UgCS for this type of planning. I’ve done multiple jobs with it and it worked well. Good luck! Steven

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Sorry, no- that doesn’t fly. Virtual Litchi Mission has this feature already included. The only real issue with their implementation is the 99-waypoint limit, which means you can only do very small grids unless you’re flying so high that you can’t get the details.