Mission Hub Default Location

When the Mission Hub is opened, if the location displayed does not correctly show your actual location, follow these steps to allow Litchi (Google) to access to your actual location:

Setting the Litchi Mission Hub Default Location (Windows 10)

On your computer:

  1. Open computer settings. Search for “location privacy settings”.
  2. Click “Change” to turn on location access for this device.
  3. Allow apps to access your location: On
  4. Allow desktop apps to access your location: On (Firefox)

In your browser go to Google Maps

  1. Click on the location icon in the lower right corner just above the ‘+’ sign.
  2. The map should now show your current location.
  3. Click on “Update”.
  4. Click on the lock icon to the left of your address bar (the following steps are browser dependent).
  5. Select “Connection Secure->More information->Permissions” or “Permissions for this site” or similar.
  6. Allow access to your location (browser dependent).
  7. Open the Litchi Mission Hub and see if it shows your correct location.