Mission Hub B-Spline flight path

1、Can the Mission Hub add a B-Spline flight path?The Lizhi waypoint mission to the Dajiang flight waypoint mission is very inconvenient!
2、Can the newly updated task center restore the insert shortcut key?

If you have the “Flight Path” set to “Curved Turns”, the Mission Hub will use the waypoints as crontrol points for a B-Spline which defines the path the drone will take. If you are asking about a path that goes through the waypoints/control points, that would be a Bezier curve but that is not supported by Litchi.

If you are commenting on the “Litchi Mission to DJI Fly Waypoints” converter, then, yes, it is inconvenient but it is the only choice we have right now unless DJI adds SDK support to their recent drones.

It is not clear what you are asking here. If you are referring to using the “Insert” key in the Mission Hub, then, yes, that does work. It adds a waypoint after the currently-selected waypoint. If that is not what you meant, please clarify.