Mission goes flawless, except no actions

Hi team,
I have tried several missions now, prepped them under mission hub, looked them up on google earth and so far mixed results. One of them, after several times trying, seemed to work, including most of the actions. The other ones fly the mission flawless (impressive), but without carrying out the actions defined at the waypoints. Example of a mission: Mission Hub - Litchi. I fly a DJI Air 2S with an ipad mini 6. I develop the missions under Brave browser, a google chrome derivative, under iOS as well as under a windows PC. Any suggestions or ideas on what to look for??? Anything I’m doing wrong? Any help VERY MUCH appreciated!
Many good missions for everyone in 2023!

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Waypoint actions are ignored on missions that have ‘Curved Turns’ set in the Mission options.


Waypoint Actions

Actions are performed when the aircraft arrives at the waypoint. There are six different waypoint actions, three of which accept an additional parameter.
You can add up to 15 different actions for each waypoint.
Important: Waypoint actions are ignored when the mission “Path Mode” is “Curved Turns” as the aircraft will not stop at waypoints then.


@Sam_G, thanks a ton, will try this out next time. So just setting the Curve Size to 0 for the waypoints with actions is not enough, one has to decide upfront if actions are wanted and then switch of all curved turns? The other mission involved recording video between first and last waypoint and did have curved turns. That worked fine, except for stopping the video and taking a picture at the last waypoint. I guess it is not an issue for video?

Thanks a lot for your kind help!



Attempting to configure waypoint actions with the “Path Mode” set to “Curved Turns” whether those actions involve photos or video will yield mostly failed results. The first step in making any waypoint action work reliably is by setting the “Path Mode” to “Straight Lines”.

Generally, you want curved turns for video and straight lines for photos. You’ll have better results by separating those two purposes into separate missions.


To your first question “one has to decide upfront if actions are wanted” … the answer is YES, you must decide. If you want Actions, then Path Mode must be 'Straight Lines".
I’m guessing that your video recording was started manually when your mission was started.


@wesbarris, thanks for the clarification! I will indeed use the straight lines for now. And have a separate mission to collect video. The first test results today look very promising :smiley:

Thanks for getting me going!

@Sam_G, thanks for the response and for helping me out. And the video was started at WP #1. I guess that it may be working then. As Wes is also saying, it sometimes does, it often will not.