Mission file format on android

I can see that my waypoint mission files are stored in this folder Android\data\com.aryuthere.visionplus\files\missions

The question is, what file format is the mission files? They have no extension and they seem to be binary.

I was hoping that I could just export a csv mission file from Litchi Hub and put it in the above mentioned folder, but when I do so then the waypoints does not load in the app when I select the file.

The format of those files is most likely proprietary. They would not be CSV because a CSV file does not contain all of the data saved with a mission such as cruising speed, finish action, etc.

The way this is designed to work is that you save the mission in the Mission Hub then open that mission in the Litchi app. Obviously you also need to be logged in to your Litchi account from the web and from the Litchi app.

Hmm. That was not the answer I was hoping for.

The thing is, I made my own app that can generate a mission csv file. To get that in the Litchi App, I have to import it in the Litchi Hub and save it in the hub. After that, I can find the file in the Litchi App?

Would have been nice if the app could read csv files or any other public format that my own app could generate and store in the Litchi App folder on the phone.

I really don’t want to make my own Mission Control software with the DJI Mobile SDK. Too much work.

Sorry. Maybe someone else will have other thoughts on this.

Yes. I have created a few web applications that do exactly what you are describing. They generate a Litchi CSV file that must be imported into Litchi’s Mission Hub (and then saved as a mission).

A Litchi CSV file cannot store most of the items in the Litchi Mission Settings dialog.