Mission failed (reason: Waypoint gimbal pitch provided is invalid)

Hello. I am the owner of DJI Spark and Phantom 3 pro, and as part of learning and training, I use the application for air raids and creating orthophotomaps. I choose a place, create a new mission, use the defined drone selection points. The program calculates and imports the result to LITCHI. Therefore, the Phantom flies beautifully, but has not registered a single image. Spark - LITCHI announces in its voice that the mission failed. I deliberately did not write what kind of programs they are, so as not to make advertisements.

Valid Gimbal Pitch angles range from:
+30 to -90 for the Phantom 3 pro
0 to -85 for the spark.

When taking the pictures is controlled by the Waypoint Action “Take Photo”, then in Mission Settings, Path Mode has to be set to “Straight Lines”

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