Mission Error Codes 1003 & 1008

I’ve used the Mission Hub on several occasions over the last couple of years. With that said, I’m far from a power user, so maybe things have changed since I last used it last year. I’ve never had a problem in the past. This is also the longest Mission I’ve attempted. Too long of a Mission??

I’m trying to run a Mission, but I keep getting the Error Codes 1003 and 1008. I’ve tried everything I know to do and I’m not finding anything here in the forum through Search. Maybe I’m using the wrong search terms?

I begin the Mission while the drone is turned on in the location of Waypoint 1.
Mavic 2 Pro - Zoom
The controller is on “P”.
Litchi App version 2.14.3
Apple Mini 4 version 15.7.7

Here is the mission link in case someone can find a problem with it. Again, I’m not a regular user, which means it’s always a fresher course to use it.


Code: 1008
“Unable to take off (Code: 1008)”
Restricted airspace. Use DJI app to unlock.

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The mission would not open, likely that you didnt ‘uncheck’ the Private box.

Thanks. The problem is I’m not in a restricted zone. Here is a screenshot of my location.
I was able to run the mission 2 times. The rest of the day, both 1008 and 1003 continued to pop up. I even completed a mission, then immediately attempted to run the same mission. A 1008 came up. Just doesn’t make sense.

Edit: The reason for the Compass Error is because I was inside the house. That goes away when I’m outside.

Sam, I unchecked the Private box.

You are in an altitude zone but that should not prevent you from taking off or give you those errors. What I would suggest is that you try taking off using DJI Go4 and see what, if any, error messages show up.

Here is the DJI Flysafe map of the area you are flying:

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Thank you. I’ll give Go4 a try. I’m staying way below the limit, as you may have noticed in my Mission route. So I know I’m safe in that regard.

I’ve left the property and am back in my home city. Unfortunately I’ll need to wait until I go back. I’ll update as soon as I have a chance to go back out.