Mission Elapsed time and remaining time to completion

Hello community, hope you are all doing well.

I’ve been using dronelink for quite some time and then got kicked off the app for commercial use, which wasn’t selling UAV data but rather gathering info for my irrigation business, but this is not important.

One lovely feature that dronelink had, was the remaining time for the mission ahead. I’ve read some posts here where the calculated mission time is different from math (distance/speed) but i couldn’t find while flying a mission what was the aprox remaining time or the elapsed time of mission since start.

Am i missing this or would it be great to have it in the app later on?

Pepe Roca

It certainly would be nice to have a constantly updating elapsed time counter among Litchi’s on-screen mission parameters but for Litchi users like me whose waypoint flights typically exceed the reach of the RC controller signal for an easy 80% of the flight duration for each 7-mile round trip waypoint mission, such an elapsed time readout would only be available for a comparatively small slice of the total flight time.

Your recollection of there being a disparity between Litchi’s estimated flight duration and the drone’s actual observed flight time is indeed correct. My experience has been that for all Litchi flights whose duration exceeds 15 minutes, the drone will arrive precisely five minutes BEFORE the time of arrival which is implied by Litchi’s total flight time figure, regardless of the type of DJI drone flying the mission.

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I stand corrected Steve

I’ll look into this when next my Mavic 2 Pro takes to the skies.

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Litchi only shows mission time, does not take into account takeoff and landing time, wind resistance.

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When your drone has taken off, you can see a bar at the top of the screen that shows the flight time and the time remaining until landing. This time is calculated from the maximum flight time of your drone.
If your drone spark then the time will be 16 minutes

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Hi @Steve_Amerson, thanks for the reply.

The predicted mission time on the ios app is on the lower left corner, but it never updates or countdown. Nor i have a total flight time to completion, but most important i would need the aprox remaining mission time.

I do have the amount of flight time remaining on that battery as @Hello2 says, but no time to mission finish.

I don’t think its difficult to have this, since the distance and speed are known, there should be like 30 sec updates of (rem distance / actual speed) and that would be pretty close!

So in short we are missing that key piece of info.

Thanks and have safe flights!

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I think this is impossible to do given all the wishes. If you are using a mission for video shooting and only airspeed can be taken into account for your mission, then another user will want to take panoramas, it is impossible to take into account the time delay for all photos.
Estimated mission time helps a lot to consider the capabilities of the drone for all users.

Apparently I was mixing the Mission Hub predictor and actual mission time together in my mind and assumed the countdown clock was part of Litchi. I apologize for the mix up!