Mission Default settings

I’ve been creating a few missions that I will soon be venturing out to fly but I have a question which needs answered before I do. The first thing I do is set the DEFAULT settings which I believe are then inherited by each defined waypoint, unless of course you override them in the waypoint. So in DEFAULT settings if I set cruising speed to say 6mph and I do not change the cruising speed in any of the waypoints then the drone should travel at 6mph. YES? And when I’m still out and about and decide to move on to my next mission/location and the DEFAULT speed for the next mission is say 1mph and again I haven’t over ridden the cruising speed option in any of these waypoints but the default speed is still set at 6MPH what’s going to happen. Is the Default settings created for each mission saved in the actual mission or do I need to change the Default settings prior to each mission.
Hope that makes sense…

Yes. The mission defaults are saved for each individual mission. You can change the mission default settings for a mission (out in the field) without affecting any other mission that you have saved.

Your mission will fly at the new speed setting. And it wont affect other missions that you have saved.

There are NO default Settings, only Mission settings and Waypoint settings.

All Mission Settings (not Waypoint Settings) default to the last used mission settings when you create a new waypoint mission.

The Waypoint Setting Altitude defaults to the last used altitude when creating a new waypoint mission