Missing information in csv file

When I generate a mission in mission hub and export to csv I expect that the gimbalpitch angle to be field number 8, according to the header: latitude,longitude,altitude(m),heading(deg),curvesize(m),rotationdir,gimbalmode,gimbalpitchangle

But, the values I get (for a waypoint with heading=270 and gimbalpitch=-45), the gimbalpitchangle is at field 12: lat,lon,alt,270,0.2,0,0,0,2,0,5,-45

What are the values “0,0,0,2,0,5” between curve size of 0.2 and heading of 270?

I suppose you mean “between curve size of 0.2 and gimbalpitch of -45” ?

latitude: lat
longitude: lon
altitude(m): alt
heading(deg): 270
curvesize(m): 0.2
rotationdir: 0
gimbalmode: 0(Disabled)
gimbalpitchangle: 0(No change from previous WP)
actiontype1: 2(start recording)
actionparam1: 0
actiontype2: 5(tilt camera)
actionparam2: -45