Missão com mais de uma bateria!

Em uma missão utilizando 2 baterias como proceder em relação ao ponto de retorno do voo , eu excluo manualmente os waypoints já sobrevoados? e continua do ultimo ponto

If you have to Return Home for a battery change, you can start the same mission from the last completed waypoint.
When you start a mission, Litchi asks ‘from which point do you want to start?’
It defaults to ‘1’, but you can type a different waypoint number in the iOS version. I think there is a scroll bar if you use the Android version. Someone that uses Android can correct me, if I am mistaken.

When monitoring your ‘multi-battery’ mission, you just have to keep track of the last waypoint that was passed before the Return Home. Restart the mission using that waypoint number.

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