Mini2SE support

Can I know if litchi supports the recent release of DJI mini 2 se?


@DanielK From the Litchi User Guide: Litchi is NOT compatible with Mini 2 SE, Mini 3 and Mavic 3 as DJI has not released a developer SDK for these drone models yet

Last Updated: 29 March 2023

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i see. I thought the MINI 2 SE is similar to the MINI 2 or MINI SE?
since they uses the same DJI FLY apps?

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I also have an 2SE, and i really hope it will be supported.

Somewhere here someone said its only minor changes, but the problem is also the missing sdk from dji.

Hope it will be implemented soon :slight_smile:


I will only get litchi once mini 2 se is supported… hopefully soon…

The Mini 2 SE is unfortunately caught in an awkward position of support. Read this:

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Thanks for the input. In that case, I have to patiently wait for the release


as the new litchi app with sdk v5 will come soon in beta , will the 2se also supported somewhen?

I answered that question in the link I posted above. Here is another page from DJI stating that they have no current plans to add SDK support for the Mini 2SE.


Thanks & my apologies, i love my drone, but i want to use it with litchi. When i bought my dji i just overflew google search where it was written dji + litchi , my fault :slight_smile:

Still hoping and dreaming :slight_smile: