Mini2 LED toggle- willing to pay somebody for some (any) version of this feature.

I really need some way to toggle this LED. Change the color, turn it on/off. Anything, really. If using the DJI Fly app, this is a menu where you can see a list of colors you can choose. There is also a setting for OFF. Any of these would be great for me, and preferrably they could be assigned to a button like C1/C2. (although including it on a mission plan would be nice too)
I don’t know if this is possible/accessible with the SDK, but previous versions for Phantom/Inspire seem to contain this function so I would think it could happen with the Mini 2 as well.
If this isn’t an option or there is no path to the finish line via Litchi, I would be interested in hiring somebody on a consultancy freelance site (like Upwork). If that were the plan, how do I even describe this job? Can someone supply some useful keywords that relate to the SDK?

I’ve got a Mavic Air 2 that I’d love to be able to toggle the rear LED to turn red instead of green, and make the rear LED’s flash/strobe like a regular aircraft does. Surely with the right firmware hack/update it should be possible.

People don’t realize what a big deal this is- being able to control that LED in flight opens up an unlimited assortment of features, it’s not just “look, now I have a red led instead of blue! whee!”
It’s frustrating that this is overlooked and it seems like it ought to be incredibly easy to include in software. I hate to have to learn programming/SDK just for this tiny detail but that might be the only way.

You should be able to turn on/off the front leds already with Mini 2 in Litchi using the custom function Front Aircraft LEDs : Switches the aircraft’s front LEDs on or off.

Changing color unfortunately do not think it is possible with the DJI SDK

On/Off would be 90% of what I need. Maybe I overlooked that before or it was recently added? My hope is that you could assign that to a (any) dedicated button on the Tx so that you could use it without having to navigate thru menus and leave your video feed up.
If this exists now, I must have overlooked it so thanks very much for the heads up!

Front LEDs On/off via custom button has always been in Litchi

Ok, I think the problem here is my assumption that this would be configurable under the “KEYS” tab. Opening that tab reveals options for C1 & C2 buttons, none of which exist on my controller (for the mini 2 this is the RC-N1). Or, if they do exist, they aren’t labeled as such from the DJI documents I have. I will try to sort this out in the hopes of working it out but in the meantime if I have confused some part of this please do let me know!

For the Mini 2/Mavic Air 2/Air 2S: single tap on Fn button for C1, double tap on Fn button for C2. Long press is not supported.

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Awesome! Thanks so much, my M2 is broken right now but it works enough to test this out and I see that I can in fact toggle it on/off now (though only on the bench). This detail will make my life a whole lot easier, I wish I’d come across it earlier but its much better late than never!