MINI SE won't focus on POI

When making a waypoint mission I first create a POI then add waypoints and each waypoint is set to Gimbal Pitch = Focus POI but when I fly mission it just looks at next waypoint instead of POI. Did I miss something?

Welcome @Bert_Hubbs
You also have to set the POI number for each waypoint if you want to focus on something.
You can have multiple POIs, so pick the appropriate one for each waypoint.


This is THE Basic Mission Setting:

You have to set ‘Heading Mode’ to ‘Waypoint Defined (Custom)’.

and… Read the Online User Guide:

When you place a POI before placing any waypoint, the appropriate POI# will be set automatically to each placed waypoint.

When there are multiple POI’s, the POI# of the nearest POI to a waypoint will be set to that waypoint.