Mini SE throttle adjustment

I bought a DJI Mini SE.
I operate the throttle in reverse. I use Mode 2, I only pull the throttle toward me when raising the model. In DJI Mini, the direction of movement of the throttle can be reversed. That’s why I decided to buy the Mini SE. However, the Mini SE does not allow this in the DJI Fly app for some reason. Is there a way to reverse the throttle movement direction in the Mini SE in the Litchi App? In most radios on the market, it is possible to reverse the direction of movement of the throttle lever, because quite a few people use the radio that way. I don’t understand why I can’t do this in the factory DJI Fly app in the Mini SE. I have been driving my models this way for 30 years. It would be quite tricky to switch to another throttle treatment.
In the Litchi App, can I reverse the movement direction of the throttle in MODE 2 mode?

To the best of my knowledge Litchi does not provide a way to alter the stick modes or to reverse the action of the throttle.

Where can I request that the developers include in an update the option to reverse the direction of the throttle movement in the DJI Mini SE MODE 2 mode?

Think that would be a case of contact DJI as they would probably have to do something with the SDK

You can. But this is useless to anyone except you

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I have several friends who drive their models this way, and the reason they didn’t buy a DJI drone is because in MODE 2 mode, you can’t reverse the movement direction of the throttle. I bought a Mini SE as a test to see if this problem can be solved so that others can also buy DJI drones. Is it possible to change the direction of movement of the throttle to MODE 2?

Yes, this is a common complaint (and question) from those people who are accustomed to pulling back on the throttle to climb. I see the same question asked frequently in the Mavic Pilots forum. Unfortunately, neither DJI (nor Litchi) has implemented a way too alter the current behavior.

A few of your friends are very few compared to 10,000 users. It will be easier for you to learn

You can’t just forget a more than thirty-year-old movement and learn the opposite movement. I don’t know why a simple movement direction reversal can’t be included in the programs. Even the simplest radios have it! Only DJI can’t do that, I just don’t understand why.

However, if the direction of movement of the throttle could be changed, it would mean hundreds of potential customers for both DJI and Litchi. But then it seems they don’t care. Interesting business policy!

There are no problems for dji, in dji go 4 the control is configurable

For litchi there are also drones that are controlled by wifi, for them you can use a gamepad, for example from ps3/x360 or any other usb or bluetooth. I don’t know if it’s possible to control rc and gamepad at the same time, but I wrote about it in support

In the end, you can give your rc to the workshop and they will remake the sticks for you.

The DJI Go 4 app doesn’t have Mini SE, so that’s out. Or if I connect the Mini SE, will the App recognize it? I’m on vacation now, I don’t have the drone, I can’t try it.

Well, I know it. Then buy another drone. Do what is easier for you to learn on sticks or buy another drone.

Thanks for the help! After vacation, I will try to assign the Mini SE to the DJI Go 4 at home. If that doesn’t work, I’ll try to figure out which two of the four wires on the left control lever need to be swapped to get the throttle working in reverse. If anyone knows. I already asked a few people who showed me how to disassemble the controller, but they couldn’t tell me. Anyway, I have another drone ( fpv ) and fpv aircraft, which I control with a remote control that can be used to reverse the movement direction of the throttle.

You can’t try. It won’t work

Why won’t it work? Can you explain it?

Djigo4 does not support any mini

And what do you think about swapping the wires on the left control arm? Can that work?