Mini SE picture settings

Can litchi adjust picture setting on the mini SE: contrast, saturation and sharpness?
if yes, are these setting for video, photo or both? Are they applied directly to the sensor data or after DJi internal rendering?

  1. Yes
  2. Both
  3. I don’t know
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thanks for the answer

Screenshot from Litchi connected to the Mini-1 (same specs as Mini SE):

Settings are only available in “video” mode. And they do the same in the photo. Video and photos are written by the drone itself, not litchi

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Thanks for the replies. I bought the app, it works good.
I like that the camera settings made in pitch also work in DJI Fly.

I did some quick dirty tests:

Getting rid of over sharpening really helps when editing the footage. Comparing the same footage with sharpening set to 0 and -3 shows a slightly better compression. All the bitrate wasted by over sharpening is now better used, overall less blocks when recovering the shadows, slightly better gradients.

Reducing contrast to -2 and saturation to t-1 kinda sorta makes some sort of a poor man Log. I’m editing in premiere pro and color correcting the desaturated/de-contrasted footage to match the normal setting gives a slightly better image quality. Editing super contrasted footage exposed for the highlights make recovering the show also slightly better. It’s not huge, but definitely worth it.