Mini 3pro & mini se controllers

I have the mini se & mini 3pro, quick question, I have the roc with the mp3 & rc that comes with the se which uses the phone, can I get mp3to use the se controller for litchi use.

Your question is kind of hard to decipher as it is written. Let me first try and translate your question and then I will answer my translated version of your question.

You have these two drones:

  • Mini SE with the MR1SS5 controller
  • Mini 3 Pro with the DJI RC controller

You want to know if you can use the MR1SS5 controller with the Mini 3 Pro.

The answer to that question is “no”. The MR1SS5 controller is only compatible with the Mini and the Mini SE. Also, there is no way to install Litchi on the DJI RC controller.

Here is a photo of the MR1SS5 controller that is shipped with the Mini and Mini SE drones: