Mini 3 pro + litchi

I’ve had litchi beta for a long time. Now I switched to the mini 3 pro but the image does not appear. What should I do?

Which beta do you have, the Litchi beta (covers drones pre mini 3) or Litchi pilot beta which is different and for the mini 3, the 2 aren’t interchangeable

I have litchi beta version 4.26.5.

You have the original Litchi App (Android version), which has been used for years with drones prior to the Mini 3 Pro.
That version of Litchi is not compatible with the Mini 3 Pro, because of DJI’s release of MSDKv5. The Mini 3 Pro (and other newer models) require the newest version of Litchi (Litchi Pilot) which is still in Beta testing and has not been released for purchase publicly.


And if you want Litchi pilot for mini 3 pro when it comes out of beta, you’ll have to purchase it as a separate app

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