Mini 2 Running FW 01.03.0000 IOS using DJI Fly App...OK to Use FW 03 on Litchi for IOS?

Too many issues reporting by Mini 2 owners on Mavic Pilot’s forum who are having all kinds of issues with DJI Firmware Update 01.04.0000. DJI not responding to this issue. Too busy pumping out the Mini 3.

If I can stay on Mini 2 FW 01.03.0000 using IOS Litchi, I will buy and use. Can Do?

I was going to buy Dronelink but couldn’t get this same question answered on Dronelink forum … plus Dronelink seems more complicated.

It’s ok once you play with it for a while, and I think the main problem with the firmware is folk don’t like the fact they can no longer hack it, I was out flying my mini 2 with Dronelink & 01.04.0000 this afternoon, no problems