Mini 2 RTH Waypoint not work

Today I tried litchin waypoints with dji mini 2, when the signal broke I had selected rth when signal lost but it didn’t work, the plane was 800m away from me when signal lost and it remained hovering even though I have selected rth, the hovering lasted for about 2 minutes and then I got the connection again and got it to come back with the controller with the home button. In the waypoint task, must rth also be selected in the program? I make the routes on the PC and save.

Most likely the control signal was intermittend and never completely lost.
You can always tap the Home button on the screen or turn yourself with the controller 180° around so your body is in between the drone and controller in order to make sure the control signal is completly lost and RTH will kick in.

Have a look at the video in this topic where the drone is hovering because of intermittend control signal (timestamp 3:55 - 5:10).


You need to do more testing.

The “RTH upon signal loss” is a built-in feature of the drone and cannot be cancelled nor controlled by the app used to fly the drone.

The mission finish action, of which RTH is one possible choice, is a separate and independent feature from “RTH upon signal loss”.

Unfortunately, some of DJI’s error messages are very poorly written. If you saw a “Disconnected” message pop up on your screen, it could very well have meant that only the app was disconnected but you still had control from your controller. I have experienced this occasionally and am still able to control the drone using the controller.

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when doing a task, do you also have to select the task completed return to home? I had the choice none, could it be because I hadn’t chosen rth

The long version of a very short answer is: YES