Mini 2: Picture profile and control settings?

Hi All,

Thanks very much for getting support for the Mini 2 so quickly after the SDK was released. Just have a few questions;

  1. I notice in Litchi that there are image controls for video around contrast, sharpness and saturation. I love this! Are these settings controlled directly via the SDK? Seems weird they’d put it in their SDK but not their own software.

  2. I see no place in the Litchi app to set gimbal pitch and drone yaw settings. I have these setup in the DJI app to ensure I don’t get jerky movement and just wondering where/if these are configurable in Litchi?

  1. Yes, I’m asking myself the same question.

  2. There are no such options in Litchi, but once you set it up in DJI software the same settings will apply to Litchi because the Gimbal Pitch / Drone Yaw settings are saved on the drone itself, same as RTH Altitude and some other ones.

  1. Yes they are from the SDK API.
  2. You can change them in DJI Fly and they will apply when using Litchi too. We would like to add them to Litchi at some point
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Are these settings stored on the drone or do they have to be reentered every time we fly?

Like most camera settings, these should save in the drone

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Thanks for the reply. Looking forward to giving this a test.