Mini 2 + Litchi android = Follow videos

Post your videos using litchi with mini 2 in the follow function
Here is my first:

Follow Mini 2 + Litchi


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new video
Mini 2 + Litchi + Motorcycle

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very good, thanks for sharing

Trying with heading to 45º.

The fixed heading: North. Can’t be changed to South?

On this particular video I wanted the fixed heading to south so the drone does not change direction on the bikes switchbacks.


Can. Turn compass.
The name “north” itself does not mean that it is necessarily north, it simply indicates the compass direction.

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For your purpose it is better to use focus and magic leash.

This just shows the function that everyone here is asking from the developers. Mission + poi(smartphone)

ok. I checked the user guide. didn’t realize the heading also worked with “north”.

next time I’ll try North with heading to 180º.

magic leash can’t do cause I’m iOS.


180 is already South, all other values ​​will be in degrees. You can also try changing the “offset” in degrees.

my new video shot with mini 2 and Litchi app.
Follow mode with bike holder
Follow the link:

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