Mini 2 head tracking with a single panel display?

I have simple shaded goggles intended for a single panel display. Currently my smartphone is in them, using DJI Fly. Works well. But I would like head tracking with that.

Does Litchi support head tracking (gimbal control) with the Mini 2, using a single panel display?


No reply means “No”.
Apparently Dronelink doesn’t do head tracking it all, so oh well.
Head tracking is the only thing some of us require. Probably not important as waypoints, but it’s a useful function by itself!
Still waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S10e - Gear VR adapter, so I can at least try Litchi’s head tracking in VR mode. If it’s not too grainy, that probably will work! (Note to techies… Yes, I know the phone must be connected directly to the controller, but I would rather do that within the goggles, without hacking up the Gear VR clamps.

Or perhaps nobody here knows ?

Seems strange. Litchi’s replies to Playstore app reviews are the best product review replies I have ever seen. Anybody here who has the app probably can tell. No reply almost always means “No”. Soon as I am able to try it (in goggles, for head tracking) I will buy it and find out.

I just read (discontinued) Samsung Gear VR goggles have built-in motion sensing that might be superior to smartphones. I wonder if that would be usable.

It is not supported. Head tracking currently is only available in VR mode which only works with dual lens.