Mini 2 gimbal not level

How do I correct the gimbal not being level for photos with my mini 2? I’ve seen YouTube videos explaining how to correct it with the dji fly app but not for Litchi.

What does the gimbal level look like in the DJI Fly app? If its not leve in DJI Fly app, then do a gimbal calibration. After that, it should be level in Litchi.

The dji fly app doesn’t work on my phone. That’s a problem that a lot of people have experienced. Thankfully there are other apps such as Litchi that work perfectly fine and are able to get us flying. I need to find out how to get it level in Litchi.

Just curious. What kind of phone do you have, that DJI Fly doesnt work on?

Android. It SHOULD work but doesn’t. Relatively new phone. Has all the requirements dji fly app requires. Android 10, enough RAM, etc. Cleared the cache. Google it, it’s a common occurrence. Dji App just won’t work with some phones. 3rd party apps such a litchi and others work fine.

Here is a guy that does calibration using a Python script. Other than that, I dont have any info for you.