Mini 2, error on download of high resolution pano

When trying to download high resolution pano from DJI mini 2 on latest IOS version I get an error at some random point in the download process and it stops.

Any solution or is this a general bug?

Did you try 2.12.2? we fixed a bug where download could sometimes fail. It still fails internally but Litchi just restarts the download which is ok because images that have already been downloaded don’t need to be downloaded again. However if Litchi encounters 5 fails internally (should be rare based on our testing) it does eventually stop restarting but you can still continue the download manually. Technically it is a bug in the DJI SDK but we tried to make a workaround.

I’m using 2.12.2 and I did not manage to finish the download despite several attempts.

Please could you upload a video of the issue?