Mini 2 deleted missions still appearing on phone app

I have multiple saved missions on my iSO 11 app that I deleted in the desktop mission hub.

Am I safe to fly the missions on the phone app?

Can I return them to the mission hub?

If not safe to fly, how do I delete them from the phone app?


Missions saved to your device should be functional and safe to fly. If you want to send them to the mission hub, you can plug your mobile device into your computer and while at the mission hub, choose missions-import in order to access your phone files and import them.

Activate ‘Sync Local Missions’ in settings, Load and save the deleted mission(s) again on your device. Now the deleted mission(s) will sync back to the Hub when connected to the internet.

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That makes me think! I have been running around from PC to Android and I can’t get it right! something is wrong! This should be automatically synced to the Hub if we are connected to the Internet at all times. Don’t you think?

Yes, but only if “Sync Local Missions” is On.

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