Mini 2 C1 & C2 Buttons

Hi all,

Question for you all. I am using the litchi app very happily with the Mini 2 for my business with the Mini 2 Controller and occasionally with a smart controller.

I fly many poi/orbits and use the POI at aircraft as a method to select my orbit poi point. With the DJI Smart Controller I always use C1 or C2 shortcut keys on the Controller to record POI AT AIRCRAFT to get a more accurate point rather than tapping on the google map on the device.

Now, as the Mini 2 Controller does not have a C1 or C2 buttons, does anyone know of a way of utilising any buttons on the Mini 2 Controller for this function??

Many thanks!

From the Litchi FAQ:

For the Mini 2/Mavic Air 2/Air 2S: single tap on Fn button for C1, double tap on Fn button for C2. Long press is not supported.

Keys Settings:

RTFM then, thanks. Sorry but didn’t know about the fn key being available as an option on the Miki 2 Controller. Happy now and will have many more hours flying with Litchi. Hoping DJI release Mavic 3 SDK soon also!!??