Mini 2 - Android 12 - App still crashing after database download

Dear all,
I would love to use litchi with my Mini 2, as I was waiting so long. Unfortunatel the app is still crashing on my Galaxy S10 with Android 12, immediately after the database download.

Drone firmware ist updated, DJI Fly app ist updated, no automatic start of DJI Fly is chosen, DJI Fly is close (forced to stopp), Litchi is updated to 4.21.1-g

So what else can I do? Hope, one of you has a suggestion…

Thanks a lot!

Please check known issue number 2 at Known Issues with current release for a workaround until it is fixed

Hi Vico

The above link only takes you back to the previous page…

My app also crashes after a few minutes flight. Mavic 2 Pro with Android 12.



Is there a way someone can let me know when fixed… it just keeps auto update to the new one then doesn’t work again lol

Open the Play Store on your device
Search for the Litchi app
Click on the Litchi icon
Click on the 3 vertical dots in the upper-right corner
Disable auto update.

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