Mini 2 and height limits based on country


Does the Litchi app have height restrictions on the Mini 2 (like the official DJI app)?
In particular, I have a Mini 2 and the height is restricted to 50ft in India in the DJI fly app. I use an Android 6+ phone.

Also, is AEB (auto exposure bracketing) available in the Litchi app? If yes, can the brackets be set by the user? In the DJI fly app the settings are hard coded to 3 shots: -2/3, 0, +2/3 EV which is restrictive and not all that useful for twillight photography. If each step is limited to just ±2/3 EV, then I’d have liked 5 shots (or if it’d allow the step to be atleast 1 EV, then i could make do with just 3 shots)

I read the online user guide for Litchi, but could not find this information.

Thanks in advance.

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I am not sure about the height restriction

For AEB - it depends on the drone model. From memory the only drone currently which has advanced AEB support in Litchi is the mini 1. For other drone models it depends on what the firmware offers, which is what you already have in the DJI app.

Thanks, @vico!
Can you let me know what options are available under AEB for the mini 1, atleast?

I wish there was a trial mode available for use that’d let me test out these things myself before buying the app. As it stands I have gone though the entire online-help section and I cant seem to find these details.

Mini 1 can do aeb x3 with variable offset from -2ev to +2ev

Mini 2 can do aeb x3 with 0.7 offset only for now

Okay. Do you know if this is a hardware/API limitation or something that may be possible in the future with the Litchi app, just not available today?

Also, do you know anyone that may be able to answer the question about height restrictions within the app?

@Vico, if you know, can you comment if the litchi app treats Mini 1 and Mini 2 differently wrt height limits? Do you know anyone who may?

I’m not sure how do I buy an expensive app, if I dont even know what it can or cannot do…

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Regarding AEB: mini 1 did not have aeb at all in its camera firmware. So we made our own aeb mode. It is only in effect for mini 1 currently. Mini 2 does have aeb in the firmware but as you know limited to 0.7ev offset. Eventually we want to merge both modes so you can do other offsets but it is not done yet.

For the height restriction in india, all I can say is that Litchi does not set any limits. If there is a height limit, it would come from the dji firmware onboard the drone. You can normally try the app and get a refund within 2 hours or so if not happy with it.


Thank you, that helps. Guess I’ll just buy the app and see what I get :slight_smile:
(You may delete this thread if it is so desirable (or I can delete/edit my comments - let me know)

As a photographer I’d like to provide my 2 cents on the usability of AEB settings. Maybe youre photographers too, in which pardon me talking as if you may not know what I’m writing below.

Normally, the number of photos is less important than the range of the compensation. This is because more the number of photos, more the chances of movement within the frame and thus, ghosting. So in many cases a 3 image sequence of -1, 0, +1 eV is superior to a 5 image sequence with the same range of exposures. Something like -2, 0, +2 eV would be near perfect, IMHO. Or in short, eV range is much more important than number of shots for getting a good bracketed set. I hope you keep that nuance in mind when you code up the AEB mode into the Mini 2.

Thank you for the help. Much appreciated :slight_smile:


@vico, thanks a lot. App works fantastic!

@NewPilot Is there a 15m max altitude restriction in the litchi app? I also own a mini 2 and the iOS app with the mini 2 support was just launched. Hence I was planning on buying the app if there is no altitude restriction

There is an altitude restriction in the firmware of the drone, it will be the same for all apps.
In india there is a limit of 15 meters, and the only way to get around it is with firmware hacks such as but if you are outside of india, the imit will be the same as in DJI Fly, 500 meters for most countries.

I would much appreciate the choice of AEB with different EV settings for the Mini 2: +3 0 -3 ; +2 0 -2; +1 0 -1. That would be great for panoramic photos with their enormous contrasts.

There is no 15m limit on the Mini 2 using the Litchi app on an android phone.

But each time you use the DJI Fly app (in case you want to meddle with the joystick sensitivity or camera movement parameters - which probably only applies in the first few days of using the drone as you try to find the control sweet spots for your use), the limit will change to 15m again - and you have to switch to litchi and change that setting.

I guess the global 500m height restriction applies, but then again I dont intend to fly that high anyways so I never checked (or will check) :slight_smile:

I can’t speak for all drones, but atleast in the case of the Mini 2 this limit is clearly not something set in the firmware in an irrevocable fashion. Because I can change it with the Litchi app successfully.

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Maybe DJI finally fixed the issue in recent firmware updates, because it was an issue before.

Thanks for your insight. I am in Belgium and in fact I cannot go beyond 500m even with the litchi app.

Is there a way around it? I need to take shots for a specific project at an altitude of 3000 m.


Yes, there is.
However you shouldn’t fly above 90 meters in Belgium, because planes fly at altitudes starting from 500 meters and higher, so I wouldn’t recommend going to 3000 meters if you don’t want to lose your drone. If you want to go 3000 meters above sea level, just find the tallest mountain and takeoff from there, it will allow you to fly to 500 meters above your takeoff location.

500 meters would put your drone well into the airspace off commercial air traffic. You are aware that in the EU the maximum height (above ground) that you can legally fly a drone is 120 meters unless you have a waver from the EASA.

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Well noted. Thanks for your replies. You are right. I’ll stick to 120 m